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  Hallschlag Univ
Hallschlag Univ Alumni Assn. Formerly of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany


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On 31 December 1959 the 66th Counter Intelligence Corps Group, headquartered in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, ceased to exist.

On 31 December 1959 the Soviet's Ministry of State Security (MGB), headquartered in Moscow, also ceased to exist.

There was a memorable  party at Hallschlag University in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt --- to celebrate the day, the new year, and the new decade. Hallschlag University was the common name for the place and people of the 66th CIC Group.

On January 1st, 1960,  the 66th Military Intelligence Group (66thMI Gp), headquartered in Stuttgart,  came into existence. 
William P.Yarborough, who had commanded the 66th CIC Group, commanded the new 66th MI Group.

On January 1st, 1960, the Soviet's Committee for State Security (KGB) also came into existence.

On January 2nd, most of us went back to work doing the same jobs for the same reasons at Hallschlag University.   

This web site is a small reminder of those people in that time and place.


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For Your Info


In our opinion, the following are the best and most informative Web sites in this area available to the general public. The web site for Federation of American Scientists. Covers worldwide intelligence agencies and things of interest to them.


Official lineage of 66thMI Gp Just a brief summary.



Current MI Center/School The official Web site for Fort Huachuca.

Intelligence and Security Command The Web Site for the combined force. (The more things change, the more they stay the same.)

Topical news of interest to all Hallschlag Alumni.

What is General Yarborough doing to stay busy?    

-- Gen Yarborough received a singular honor recently. The new Special Forces knife was named "The Yarborough Knife ". Every graduate of the Special Forces school now receives a numbered Yarborough Knife. Report of the ceremony.

-- Gen Yarborough suggested to Robin Moore that he do a book on the current activity in Afghanistan. The result was The Hunt for bin Laden.



Our Sphinx


Hit Counter People have visited.


Curious about what the military pay scales are like now? Compare them to "your day"!

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The following jobs are listed as tough to fill. If you're looking for a job.
  • GG-0132-11, Intelligence Specialist (Operations), European Security Command, 66th MI Group, GE  (approved 01/08/04)
  • GG-0132-12, Intelligence Specialist, European Security Command, 66th MI Group, GE  (approved 01/08/04)
  • GG-0132-13, Intelligence Specialist (SIGINT), 66th MI Group, 66th MI Group, GE  (approved 01/08/04)
  • GG-0132-14, Supervisory Intelligence Specialist, European Security Command, 66th MI Group, GE  (approved 01/08/04)
  • GG-0132-15, Supervisory Intelligence Specialist (Operations), European Security Command, 66th MI Group, GE  (approved 01/08/04)
  • All of the above are civilian jobs.

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