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GrosseReiter Kaserne = Calvary Fort.
Römer Kastell = Roman Castle.

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The building --Hallschlag University-- shown above housed the enlisted living quarters in the right half. All the offices of the Headquarters, 66th CIC Group, and other agency representatives filled the left half of the building. A thick inside wall separated the two halves.

 During the Roman occupation the site where the Kaserne stands was a Roman cavalry fort.    See details of archeological digs. Old Roman walls "Die Straßen Altenburger Steige und Sparrhärmlingweg treffen vor dem rechten Lagertor (porta principalis dextra) zusammen. Die nordöstliche Begrenzung des Hallschlags markiert ungefähr den Verlauf der Lagermauer der rechten Lagerseite; die vordere Lagermauer bis zum Ausfallstor (porta praetoria) liegt unter der Rommelstrasse. Die Lagermauer umschließt ein nicht ganz rechteckiges Areal (Vorderseite 215 m; Rückseite 220 m x 170 m = 3,74 ha), das einer Einheit von 500 Reitern (ala quingenaria) Platz bot. Als Kastellbesatzung kommt die ala I Scubulorum in Betracht, die später in Welzheim lag."-- taken directly from     

The name "Stuttgart" derives from the time when the entire valley was a stud farm.(Stud Garden)

The Kaserne, as it appears below, was built in approximately 1900.        It housed an exclusive Imperial German unit into which prominent families bought sinecures for sons. 

   The photo above shows NeckarStrasse running along the river front. Notice the vineyards in front of the Kaserne. Most of us recall the pale yellow Neckartal wine produced from those grapes            


Vineyard. A closer view of the vineyard. Ripening in mid-Summer sun.

After WWII, the Kaserne was taken by the US Military and turned into the Headquarters of the 66th Counter Intelligence Corps. The Kaserne became a "rather feared" place when it became the site of American Counter Intelligence people during the US occupation.


The Kaserne's Interior. 1960 Summer view of Kaserne interior -- from main office bldg door to back.    


       View out office window. January 1st. View out the office window, early on New Year's morning.


The complex reverted to German ownership in the late 1990's. It had fallen into a state of disrepair. The US had last used it as a (joint) USAF-US Army storage facility for helicopter parts.

The photos below show it's current condition. The site --now generally called ReiterKaserne or Roemmer Kastel-- is still a landmark location as an architectural development.                      

Our Hallschlag University facility is now being developed as a residential - recreational -business facility.  
Kaserne's rear cornerThe old motor pool  
These photos are part of the presentation by the architectural firm.  

The Web site for the Kaserne's current development is


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