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The Place: Hallschlag University.

also known as

Grosse Reiter Kaserne, in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.

Grosse Reiter Kaserne occupied approximately one city block on a site originally selected by the Romans overlooking the Neckar River Valley.

The Kaserne answered to a variety of proper names. Our half of the city block along Rommel Strasse was officially designated Wallace Barracks by the US Army.

The people:

Civilian and military personnel from a group of American intelligence agencies.

Mostly from the 66th Counter Intelligence Corps Group,. Hallschlag U. alumni are the people who worked there as of December 31, 1959.

Most of us reported to William P. Yarborough ---now Lt. General, US Army Ret.--- who was then the Commanding Officer of the 66th Counter Intelligence Corps Group.

This Web site is concerned with (at least some of) these people.

The date: January 1st, 1960.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the U.S. Richard M. Nixon was Vice-President. Nikita S. Khruschev was Chairman of the Central Committee.

This was the date the Soviets created the KGB. Formerly a ministry (the MGB) reporting to the Politburo, their state security function was now only a committee (the KGB).

Germany was split into several Germany's:

East Germany, which the US State Department and the US Military always called "The Soviet Zone", called itself the The German Democratic Republic (the DDR).

West Germany was viewed as a sovereign nation --The Federal Republic of Germany -- with its capital in Bonn-Bad Godesburg.

The City of Berlin ---well inside East Germany--- was jointly administered by the USSR, France, the U.K. and the United States. More than sixty allied intelligence agencies operated in and from Berlin --- they constituted a major source of employment.

Periodically, Khruschev would announce he intended to sign a fomal peace treaty with the DDR and proclaim Berlin as the capital. Pres. Eisenhower would delegate the authority to use nuclear weapons to American commanders. "If the balloon goes up" referred to the possibility of Soviet tank divisions coming west through the Fulda Gap followed by a volley of nuclear weapons.

Everybody understood the words "we" and "they".

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