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References to the current world of the 66th MI Group the site for The Defense Language Institute's Foreign Language Center, that used to be simply "Monterey". Fort Huachuca, in Sierra Vista, Arizona, now handles (almost) all of the training activities which were formerly done at Fort Holabird, in Baltimore. Like the old Holabird, Fort Huachuca is also the US Army Intelligence Center. You may want to review the training schedules and contents for some interesting comparisons with Holabird. You may also want to see


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Recall, if you can, the CIC's official mission statement. Then read the following mission statement of the current USAIC. Their current motto is "Always Out Front"!
"The United States Army Intelligence Center's mission is focused on Leading, Training, Equipping and supporting the world's premier corps of Military Intelligence Professionals - imbued with a warrior spirit, self-discipline and mutual respect. MI Soldiers work at all echelons, with tactical, operational and strategic commands; they are on point - always out front providing essential and critical intelligence to the commander. We take great pride on our ability to maintain a reputation for professionalism, caring and responsiveness to the needs of the MI Corps and the Army. We are committed to Good Stewardship of the Environment and take pride in the Quality of Life on this post. The Military Intelligence Story: A Photographic History. Includes the following quote-
"The computer allowed intelligence specialists to create and manipulate enormous masses of data, and improved communica tions systems allowed this information to be disseminated down to the field. Moreover, computers could now perform functions as diverse as translating documents and enhancing imagery. Technology was not only an intelligence asset, but a vulnerability. Since emanations from unshielded electronic equipment could be acquired and analyzed by foreign intelligence services, Army counterintelligence was forced to develop the so- called TEMPEST program to counter such radiation hazards. Additionally, counterintelligence specialists now had to concern themselves with the possibility that computers could be penetrated by unauthorized "hackers" and that information could be destroyed by unauthorized computer "viruses." Moreover, sophisticated technologies now provided more tools for spies, ranging from specialized miniature cameras to various inconspicuous "bugging" devices, creating additional problems for the counterintelligence agent. " is the general Web site for the Dept of Defense. shows the current pay scales.



References to Individuals from 66th named in site.

==> General Yarborough.
Yarborough, William P. Bail out over North Africa. Phillips Pubns; 1st ed.,June 1980.

There are a slew of books which deal with the first American airborne operation into North Africa, when Major Yarborough was the Exec of the 505th Regimental Combat Team. The latest example is Combat Jump, Ed Ruggero. Harper-Collins:2003. will take you to the photos and award ceremony recorded in the John F. Kennedy Library. Includes the photo of Gen Yarborough wearing his green beret with JFK at Fort Bragg is a letter from Robin Moore to General Yarborough on Y-'s 88th birthday. Some more details about the Yarborough Fighting Knife.

Who's Who in America. Marquis Who's Who LLC. 2005: Vol. 2 M-Z. pp 5134-5. ISBN 0-8379-6984-0.


==>Lundvall is the most convenient entry point for all the Web sites of companies headed by Bruce Lundvall.

References to "the old days" is a rather extensive site detailing much of the US Army in Europe from WWII through the end of the Cold War. is a site best viewed as a non-official companion to . Before it was transferred to the 66th CIC Group, the 522nd MI Battalion was activated on July 22, 1954, and assigned to the 513th. for more than you could want to know about Operation Paperclip. Rat Ldocuments/cia/cia0021.html contains
The Pavelic Papers | CIA File: CIC Reply to SETAF Verona - FROM: CO, 66th CIC Gp, Bad Cannstatt, Germany TO: CG, SETAF, Verona, Italy. CONF 0-1891 For AESE-GBI from AEUC-OPCR. 1. (U) Ref P-0393. ... detailing the 430th CIC detachment's Ratline operation which is suddenly popular in books about "the old times". Also see "NARA | IWG | Analysis of the IRR File of Klaus Barbie - ... discharged in 1946, since autumn of that year under the alias "Peterson" had led an eponymous team of German spies hired by the 66th CIC Detachment stationed ... can be found in ..."

For further information --and current collector's prices-- for the Military Payment Certificate, see


References to our Stuttgart-BadCannstatt and surrounding area, then and now.


Fodor's Germany 1969. David McKay Company, Inc.:New York. Eugene Fodor edited his first travel book covering this area in 1936. As of 1960, Fodor's was the best guide that included text, photos, and maps.

Stuttgart, as of today.. For a quick glance at today's Stuttgart, go to A good site for the Wuertemburg Museum, including an exposition about building sites, such as our Hallschlag Univ and the Altes Schloss, of the Romans through the MIddle Ages. This site, currently under construction, apparently refers to the current development replacing what we remember as Hallschlag University. displays the contents of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stgt-Unterturkheim. From the world's first motorcycle through the present autos. (In English) (In German) traces the history of Porsche, in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.


Favorite German cookbooks, in English:

Reichert, Wolfgang W. Culinary Excursions through Germany. Sigloch Edition, Kënzelsau. 1986. (ISBN 3 8003 0304 3)

Kohl, Hannelore. (General Editor) A Culinary Voyage Through Germany. Commentary by Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Abbeville Press: New York London Paris (1997) A brief comment re Chancellor Kohl: One Hallschlag alumnus was heard to observe --- after a conference between Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Henry Kissinger, and Chancellor Kohl --- that it was easy to pick out Kohl. He was the one speaking English.


This site contains photographs used courtesy of:

The Blue Note Record Co.

The John F. Kennedy Library, Boston.

Richard W. Spicka, including Spicka's Scrapbook.

The US Army Intelligence Center Museum, Sierra Vista, AZ.

Kenton M. Young.

Theodore H. Zieke.

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