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66th CIC Gp


Our focus is on January 1st, 1960, during the Cold War Conflict, in West Germany at Hallschlag University.

We intend to provide a partial sense and appreciation of those people and that time and place. At the very least, it will provide some information and assistance with access to bibliographic and additional linkable information sources concerning several US intelligence agencies then and there.


Our site is broken down into three major content areas:

The Place.

The People.

The Times.

We've included an annotated bibiography at the end of the site. Some of the entries include comments, references and links to source documents of possible interest to the reader.




We are constructing..


The place:

The Place. Hallschlag University ---located in Stuttgart-BadCannstatt--- is our name for an old German kaserne. To the Imperial German Army, it was called GrossereiterKaserne. The (post-WWII) US Army named it Wallace Barracks. To us it was the Headquarters of the 66th Counter Intellligence Group.

Kaserne History. .... The Romans picked the site and built the original military installation on this hilltop overlooking the Neckar River. The site is now (2005) developing into a public facility. During the interim it was a military installation belonging to the prevailing power of the time.


Stgt logo. Stgt logo.

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The name Stuttgart derives from the 10th Century Duke Luitolf who established a stud farm (Stutgarten) here. The capital of Baden-Wurtemburg, it is now the largest community in southwestern Germany. During our time at Hallschlag University, Stuttgart's population was approximately 600,000. The entries below briefly describe and show Stuttgart and Bad Cannstatt as they were then.

The people:Who we were and where we came from.
The years 1959 and 1960 were during the time when the US Military invited (drafted, inducted) enough people to fill its manpower needs. Many of us chose to enlist into specific programs or specialties or branches of service to avoid the vagarities of the draft.
The Korean War had ended recently. The draft had returned some WWII vets to service. Adding the years of service for those two wars left some NCOs and reserve officers with only a few more years to reach the 20-year retirement requirement.
Some of us were career military people. And some intended a career in the intelligence field. Some awaited the 730th and last day of military service.


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