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Welcome to our brief introduction to Schwabish (Swabian) foods --- probably the best and most copious of all German foods. If you don't appreciate Schwabish food, you've never been in Southern Germany

Discussing the foods from the River Neckar to Lake Consance, Chancellor Helmut Kohl wrote, " the cuisine of Baden is regarded by many as the most refined in Germany. This is partly because the region was constantly subjected to influences from France. .... (The Swabian) cuisine, which differs greatly from that of Baden, is the cuisine of gourmets. The Suppenschwaben, or 'soup Swabians,' always start their meal with a consomme, served with Flaedle (thin strips of crepe) or little .... dumplings." (Kohl, pg. 198)

Kohl describes his view of the Schwabish character and food as follows. "Do you know how the Swabians came by their national dish, Maultaschen (pasta parcels similar to ravioli)? Supposedly a crafty Swabian dreamt up these meat-filled ravioli, so the dear Lord would not notice that he was eating meat on Good Friday. Whether this anecdote is true of not, it is not out of character for the cunning Swabians." (Kohl, pg. 198)

Menus begin with a choice of soups and entré --- most commonly onion soup and a schnitzle. The telltale mark of Swabish food is the spaetzle, a miniature egg noodle accompaning the entre. The preferable choice of Swabish deserts is selected from Black Forest Cake (SchwartzwalderTorte) or Cherry Cobbler.



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