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A Hallschlag alumnus in the music business.

Bruce Lundvall.

At Hallschlag Univ, frustration often alternated with enjoyable accomplishment. Most learned how to release tension, each in our own way. For Lundvall that release come through his saxophone.

(Photo: R.H. Spicka)

After his discharge, he left his prior life in the advertising world and entered the music business.

He did well!

He seems best known in the music business as President of Blue Note Records. He's also the East Coast Production Vice-Pres for Capital Records, President of Pacific Coast Jazz, and president of a string of subsidiaries.

If you watched the Emmy Awards show in 2003, you noticed Norah Jones knew who to thank for each of her awards.

As a measure of current prominance, a Web search for "Bruce Lundvall" produces over 700 references.

(Photo: R.W. Spicka)


For a quick view of Bruce's current world --

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If you are a jazz fan, you know about Blue Note Records. Knowing about the current history of Blue Note is knowing what Bruce has been doing since he graduated from Hallschlag University.

Bruce generally gets credit for maintaining Blue Note's position within EMI and returning it to its premier position in the music business.

For details and a history of Blue Note Records, see this site's bibliography.



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