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At that time Military Intelligence did not exist as a branch of service. There were no Military Intelligence officers as such. All assigned officers retained their individual branches --- Infantry, Artillery, Armor, etc. Many were assigned to one tour of duty in the intelligence function --- and then back to the Infantry. Some, who had entered the military during the Korean War, were on their last tour of duty before retirement.

The best officers were dedicated to the intelligence function --- many at the expense of their career advancement, by spending years in a non-existant branch of service, away from the visibility of command promotion boards.

Their intellectual capacities and career outlooks varied widely. The distribution of abilities amongst career non-commissioned officers was even wider. Non-coms --especially the senior MSgt's-- varied from the "truly brilliant" down to the "less bright". Several MSgts had been officers --one a colonel-- who had been riffed (reduced to their permanent ranks during a RIF- reduction in force) and were being allowed to serve out their twenty years before retirement.



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