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The US Army Intelligence Center and the US Army Intelligence School occupied Fort Holabird, on Baltimore's Holabird Ave.  Holabird seemed --at least to us-- like a mid-sized college campus. The least collegiate aspect was the surrounding fence and pedestrian walk-way coming and going  through the oversized guard shack.  But, at that time, Dundalk was a pleasant part of Baltimore.  And Holabird was always better than where we'd been.

 CIC people attended either the "A" course or the "B" course.  Except for the subject matter of individual courses,  the college campus metaphor held "most" of the time.  ( Some courses even used texts that many had seen before.) Except that we sometimes marched from place to place. And, while Gen. Prather commanded, we had a short, pass-in-review parade every Friday afternoon --- to the tune of "I love a parade." 

 Many of us remember the statue --The Bronze Sphinx--- in front of the Administration Building.    Tradition   required that anyone with confidence in the future finish off the night of graduation by decorating the sphinx.   Some simply attached a bra or put horse manure at her rear.  Some celebrated by painting the sphinx's nipples.  

The cleaning fell to the  Saturday morning police detail, which included anyone caught the night before.   For me, I can remember that it took one can of Brasso to restore the sphinx's breasts after they'd been tipped with red fingernail polish. 

The photo is courtesy of the Fort Huachuca web site. 

 The sphinx is currently sitting in front of the ?? building at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. 

Fort Holabird is currently best known as the detention center where several of the Watergate convicts spent their confinement. 


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