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Spätzle ..... the introduction to Schwabish foods.

The words Schwabish and Spaetzle are synonymous.

On a supermarket shelf, they're found in a box by Knorr, a good product.

But like the best egg noodles, "real" spaetzle are handmade in a home kitchen by someone who cares.

To quote part of an 1834 poem:
"Oh, come and watch our kitchen maid.
How she prepares the dough without much aid.
The input is, I say, just eggs and flour.
A little lukewarm water, nothing sour.
The Swabian Spätzle are quite inexpensive
Which makes their value even more extensive.

.................(Reichert, pg. 184)



1 2/3 cups sifted flour.3 eggs, slightly frothy.
1 tsp. salt. (Or a hefty pinch, if you prefer.)
1 cup of lukewarm water, ready to add as needed.

To prepare :

==> Combine the flour and salt.
==> Blend the flour into the eggs.alternately with bits of warm water.
==> Stir contiuously until a fairly rough dough consistency is reached.

The essential characteristics of Swabian Spätzle are the size and cooking time.

Each piece is about the size of the cook's little finger tip. The pieces are dropped into a pot of continuously boiling water and cooked until they rise to the surface.

A spätlze maker is usually a square metal basket which slides over a flat collender held above the boiling water. The same effect can be acheived by using a thick holed collender and squishing pieces of dough into the water with a wooden spoon. Or using a knife to break off small pieces of dough from a serving spoon held over the boiling water.

The spätzles will sink into the boiling water at first. When they're done, t;hey will rise to the surface. Use a slotted spoon to remove them from the water. Never let more than one layer of finished spätlzes accumulate at the surface.

Optionally, chicken broth may be used instead of boling water.

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